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To receive a shipment from a Speedy Automat you must have a 9-digit PIN code received via SMS. The PIN code will be valid for 48 hours after the moment of receiving the SMS.

1. Please choose a language.
2. Click RECEIVE.
3. Enter the 9-digit PIN code received by SMS.
4. Click on the green arrow.
In no payment is requested, please skip to step 8.
5. If payment is required a sum in BGN will appear on the display.
5а. Insert the card fully in the gray slot under the main screen.
5b. For contactless payment lightly touch with your card the blue-glowing contactless terminal.
6. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen of card terminal.
6а. Enter the PIN code of your card and click the green button.
6b. If you see an error message, the payment is not proceeded. Please remove the card, insert it again and repeat the process.
6c. After a successful payment please remove your card.
7. A button OPEN will apear on the screen. Please click it.
8. Take your parcel and close the compartment.
9. Take the bills from the fiscal printer.

Thank your!

Speedy Automat expect you again soon.


 1. I am experiencing software difficulties which do not allow me to receive the parcel?

  • If experiencing any difficulties receiving a parcel please call 0 7001 7001 

2. Can I receive a parcel with the "Cash On Delivery" service through an Automat?

  • Yes, as long as the “Cash On Delivery” amount is 1000 BGN or less and it must be paid for using a debit or credit card.

3. My parcel is not in the compartment.

  • Please make sure that you have checked the whole compartment!
  • In case that your parcel is not within the allowed sizes for an Automat compartment or you have missed the deadline for receiving (48 hours), your parcel will be moved to the closest Speedy office (please check Automats Information).
  • For additional information or rerouting please call 0 7001 7001. 

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