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Promotional prices for parcels sent to Speedy Automat: -50% from the Standard 24 hours' basic price.
Until 01.02.2019 all customers of Speedy who send a parcel to Automat can benefit from a 50% discount from the base price.

up to 1 kg 1.49 BGN
up to 3 kg 1.79 BGN
up to 6 kg 2.39 BGN
up to 10 kg 2.99 BGN
up to 20 kg 5.48 BGN

All parcels to Automats should be smaller than L (60 x 35 x 37 cm).

Speedy Automat is an Automated postal station for RECEIVING and SENDING parcels. Speedy Automats can be found at convenient locations with extended working time in malls and trade centers. Through Speedy Automat you can send or receive your parcel by entering a unique code and clicking a few buttons. Payment for parcels can be done securely using a debit or credit card.

Speedy Automat


Speedy Automat has a central console and columns with compartments for parcels in four sizes:

XS 50 cm 35 cm 4,5 cm
S 60 cm 35 cm 11 cm
M 60 cm 35 cm 19 cm
L 60 cm 35 cm 37 cm

Max weight for a parcel through Automat is 20 kg.

The earliest possible delivery of parcels sent through an Automated postal station is the following working day. When sending a parcel through an Automat please inform yourself about the last possible hours in a work day or half-work day within which your parcel will be processed in the same day.

Locations of Automated Postal Stations (Automats)

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