To keep a high work standards, we select only highly motivated people who will work with us for our goals. We highly value professional experience, client-oriented approach, friendly attitude and being a team player. We are willing to give opportunities to knowledgeable and experienced professionals who want to become part of Speedy.

We invest in people and facilitate their development by organizing different types of training. We believe that motivated and well prepared team is the key factor for success!

All documents which are accepted in the Human resources department are reviewed confidentially in accordance to the law governing personal information. The qualities of each candidate are carefully assessed. In accordance to the universally accepted procedures only approved candidates will be contacted. The rest of the candidates are stored in our database and may be contacted if they fit some of our vacant positions.

If you wish to become a part of the team but are unable to find the vacant spot in the job advertisements, please fill in a form using Application Form or send us your CV at: [email protected].