Administrative Services

Speedy introduces the following administrative services, as of 01.09.2020:

Type of Service Period Number Term Price
Postal Money Transfer (PMT) amounts paid and/or Cash on Delivery (COD) Reports – by date, by waybill

Courier and/or Postal services report
Up to 12 months back 1 Up to 3 working days BGN 21.60
From 1 to 3 years 1 Up to 5 working days BGN 28.80
Over 3 years 1 Up 10 working days BGN 36.00

The announced prices include VAT.

Information for a period of 6 months is available in MySpeedy, free of charge! Reference requests are submitted only in Speedy offices personally by the individual/legal representative of the legal entity for which information is requested regarding the services used, against the provision of an identity document. Reference is provided to the e-mail address specified in the application. In case the provision of a reference on an electronic medium (CD) is requested, it is sent as a shipment at the expense of the requester of the reference.