Open and Test

The Open additional service allows recipient opening the shipment in the presence of delivering courier and to check its content before accepting the shipment.

The Test additional service allows recipient to open and test the content of the shipment in the presence of delivering courier before accepting the shipment. The content of shipment under "Test" are given to recipient for testing purpose up to 10 minutes in the presence of the courier.

These services are additional ones and when used along with Cash on Delivery service they are free of charge.

When no COD service is selected, sender could request one of the options Open or Test against payment of a tax amounting to 1.20 BGN VAT incl. per shipment.

Options are applicable to packet services in Bulgaria and Romania as well as to service Tyres in Bulgaria. They shall be requested by the sender of the shipment.

The options are not applicable to deliveries to Automats.

By choosing one of the options sender shall be prompt to indicate which service should be used in case of recipient’s refusal to accept the shipment and to nominate who will pay for the return service.

All due for courier services (including additional services) charges if billed to recipient shall be collected before allowing the recipient to Open/Test the shipment content.