Tyres Balkans

Tyres Balkans [707] - Door-to-door road delivery
of car tyres to/from Romania

Special multi-package service for delivery of car tyres at affordable prices.

Physical weight (kg) Price (BGN) to Romania
up to 10 kg 12.65 per parcel / per single tyre
up to 16 kg 15.97 per parcel / per single tyre
up to 32 kg 34.25 per parcel / per single tyre

All prices are in BGN, VAT and fuel surcharge included.
Additional fees and/or pricing conditions may apply to the prices, depending on the individual parameters of the parcel or selected additional services. See Additional Services and Surcharges section in the Tariff of Speedy AD.

Calculate costs - you can calculate a shipping price by entering complete shipment details.

Full information about your shipment and to control its delivery: Smart Control.

The service is always paid for in Bulgaria in BGN by the requester of the service or the recipient of the shipment in Bulgaria upon delivery. For customers with an individual contract - according to the terms provided therein.

Time for delivery
: 2 to 5 work days. The delivery time does not include the day of collection, weekends and public holidays. 

The service can be used for multi-packaged shipments. One shipment can consist of no more than 10 parcels. The final price of the shipment is determined by the physical weight of each parcel in the shipment and the corresponding pricing according to the tariff.

Declared Value: Declared Value is applicable as an additional service with maximum value of the pallet shipment of up to 3000 BGN.