Standard 24 hours

Standard 24 hours [505] – Delivery of non-palletized parcels
within the territory of Bulgaria


(all fees and VAT included) for parcels up to 3 kg, sent from Speedy office/locker to Speedy locker!
The promotion is valid until 31.08.2024.

Get up to 30% off, if you are an online retailer and you are offering Speedy as an option to deliver your shipments. For more information: [email protected].

The Standard 24 hours price is based on the delivery prices between Speedy's offices/lockers. The customer has the option of choosing a cheap add-on for picking from address or delivery to address based on the weight range.

Tariff weight (kg) Basic price (BGN) Add-on for address pick up (BGN) Add-on for address delivery (BGN)
up to 3 4.40 1.48 4.25
up to 6 6.13 4.25 7.02
up to 10 7.55 4.25 7.02
up to 20 13.49 9.80 9.80
above 20 13.49 + 0.56 per kilogram above 20 13.98 13.98

The prices include VAT and fuel surcharge.
Additional fees and/or pricing conditions may apply to the prices, depending on the individual parameters of the parcel or selected additional services. See Additional Services and Surcharges section in the Tariff of Speedy AD.

Calculate costs - you can calculate a shipping price by entering complete shipment details.

Full information about your shipment and to control its delivery: Smart Control.

Delivery time - 24 hours (between Speedy's offices).

Standard 24 hours is available for parcels up to 31.5 kg in 5 weight ranges.
The heavier between volume and physical weight of the parcel is charged (1 m³=200 kg).
Shipments with physical weight up to 20 kg is not charged by volume weight (1 =200 kg) unless the latter is over 50 kg.

All shipments to Speedy lockers should be smaller than 60 x 35 x 37 cm.
More information you can see on:

Parcel’s shipment on Saturdays
For non-typical addresses when the sender is not sure that the recipient will be presented at the address, we urge parcels to be sent to the nearest or preferred by the recipient office. Speedy's network currently includes more than 600 Speedy offices and lockers and continues to grow. For recipients who want to receive their parcel “to door” at an address, we recommend delivery to be directed to Monday. Otherwise will use the option of a surcharge for delivery to a non-typical address on Saturday - the surcharge is BGN 3.79 incl. VAT. The recipient's current mobile phone number is a must for a successful delivery. “Non-typical” addresses are all that are not business addresses of Speedy contract clients which have preliminary determined working hours for Saturday Deliveries.