Pallet 1 RO

Pallet 1 RO [432] - Delivery of palletized parcels
from/to Bulgaria to/from Romania

Optimal and personalized prices depending on the type of pallet and the destination for
transportation. Pay no more than it is worth.

To Bulgaria - upon request of the addressee and at the expense of the addressee in Bulgaria.

Pallet 1 Collection Request order

Prices are based on the dimensions of the pallet (length of the base and height and the physical weight), number of pallets in a shipment, destination and type of transport. 

The price of the service is calculated by Speedy based on the actual dimensions of the shipment, not based on the dimensions declared by the service requester in case any difference is established between the real measurements of the shipment and those declared by the sender/requester of the service during control measurement. If the load goes beyond the dimensions of the pallet, the maximum width and length of the shipment are taken into account, as well as the actual height.  In case of established differences with the request, the price is re-calculated and the difference in the price is charged to the payer of the service.  

Additional fees and/or pricing conditions may apply to the prices, depending on the individual parameters of the parcel or selected additional services. See Additional Services and Surcharges section in the Tariff of Speedy AD.

Calculate costs - you can calculate a shipping price by entering complete shipment details.

Full information about your shipment and to control its delivery: Smart Control.

The service is always paid for in Bulgaria in BGN by the requester of the service or the recipient of the shipment in Bulgaria upon delivery. For customers with an individual contract - according to the terms provided therein.

Every pallet shipment should be transported with invoice. The invoice should describe the content and its value. It should be placed on a visible spot on the pallet next to the waybill.

Pallet Type:
Euro Pallet 80 х 120 cm
Industrial Pallet 100 х 120 cm
Industrial Pallet 120 х 120 cm
Maximum height – 200 cm

Delivery time:
2 - 4 working days. The terms of delivery are indicative.

The service is available for palletized parcels with maximum physical weight of 1000 kg and maximum height 180 cm.

Packaging: The packaging of the shipment is responsibility of the sender. Appropriate outer packaging, as well as, inner packaging like loose fill materials,Polyethylene Foam sheeting, bubble foil, depending on the shipment, are vital for the safe transportation of the goods. In case, the packaging is determined to be insufficient, not strong enough to prevent decomposition of the shipment or damage of the shipment itself or other shipments, Speedy will reinforce the packaging of the pallet/pallets with additional packaging (stretch foil). The cost of the additional packaging is to be paid by the payer of the courier service.

Declared Value: Declared Value is applicable as an additional service with maximum value of the pallet shipment of up to 10 000 BGN.

Parameters when servicing orders for Pallet 1:
orders for Pallet 1 for picking up pallets from Romania are accepted and processed before 15:00, Monday to Friday. Orders received after 15:00 are processed on the next day.

The address of the sender would be visited by the courier during the standard working hours up to two days after we receive the request (no fixed time). The shipment would be accepted, only if, the sender is fully ready to send the shipment and there is no mismatch between the requested number of parcels to be collected and the real number of parcels.

Possibility for multiple shipment and the maximum pallets in one waybill is 6.

In case the sender of the parcel is a private customer, the time for the collection of the parcel might be extended. Providing correct and local telephone number of the sender is a mandatory requirement.

Only singular parcels are accepted and each parcel is paid for separately.

After the order is successfully generated, the order ID is sent to the email address indicated by the client. The request number is the number of the bill of lading generated through MySpeedy. Collection Request inquiries can be made through the web application or by sending an e-mail with the bill of lading to [email protected].

For additional information, please contact:
- 0 7001 8001 (stationary) and 1 7001 8001 (mobile);
[email protected]