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Collection Request order

Requirements and parametersofthe COLLECTION REQUEST/EXPRESS BALKANS:

Оrders for Collection Request are accepted and processed before 16:00, Monday to Friday. Orders received after 16:00 are processed on the next working day.

The address of the sender would be visited by the courier during the standard working hours up to two days after we receive the request (no fixed time). The shipment would be accepted, only if, the sender is fully ready to send the shipment and there is no mismatch between the requested number of parcels to be collected and the real number of parcels.

Services COLLECTION REQUEST allow one-package/parcel shipments only. Each requested package/parcel shall be charged as a separate shipment.

Exception is EXPRESS BALKANS where is possible to send multiple parcels.

The assignor is always the party that pays for the service. Exceptions are cases in which the assignor is the consignor abroad. In that case, the party that pays for the service is the receiver, located in Bulgaria and the payment is in BGN.

Declared value of the shipment is contractual liability of the Operator in case of loss, theft or damage of the parcel up to the declared value of the content.

After the order is successfully generated, the order ID is sent to the email address indicated by the client.

For more information about orders concerning Collection Request send us an email with the number of the order (ORD) or the parcel (PLN) to international@speedy.bg.

The service is not available for consignments from Italy and the United Kingdom.

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