Collection Request order

Key requirements for generating orders and collection of parcel from abroad and delivery to Bulgaria for the following services:
202 - SPEEDY CEE ECONOMY - delivery of shipments from Eastern and Central Europe to Bulgaria
307 - DPD ECONOMY CR - delivery of shipments from Europe to Speedy's office
308 - DPD ECONOMY CR DELIVERY - delivery of shipment from Europe to door in Bulgaria
432 - PALLET ONE RO - delivery of pallets from Romania to Bulgaria
442 - PALLET ONE GR - delivery of pallets from Greece to Romania

Collection Request orders for the abovementioned services are generated and ordered via the customer web application MySpeedy through the following link:

Parameters when servicing orders for COLLECTION REQUEST:

Collection requests for shipments from Eastern and Central Europe to Bulgaria under Speedy CEE Economy are accepted and processed up to 15:00 Monday to Friday. Collection requests received after 15:00 are considered as received on the following workday and are processed then. The address of the sender is visited during regular working hours up to two days after the processing of the request (without fixed hour) and shipments are accepted only if the sender has prepared the shipments for pickup and there are no differences between the requested number and the real number of shipments. In these orders the heavier between volume and real weight of the parcel is charged (1 m³=200 kg).

In case the Collection Request order is not processed for the period of 5 days, it would be cancelled.

With Collection Request services are accepted only single parcel shipments and every ordered parcels is billed as a separate shipment. For services 202,432 and 442, multiple parcel shipments are allowed according to the maximum number of parcels per each service.
The requester of the parcel in MySpeedy is always the payer of the service and the same is the recipient of the parcel of third party payer with active contract with Speedy JSC.
Tracking of the generated waybills through my Speedy is available on the company website in section Track Shipment. If you have any questions or need support regarding international shipments, you can turn to [email protected].

The collection Request service is not available for services 307 and 308 from Italy and the United Kingdom.