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Standard 24 hours

Standard 24 hours - parcel's delivery in Bulgaria.

The Standard 24 hours price is based on the delivery prices between Speedy's offices. The customer has the option of choosing a cheap add-on for picking from address or delivery to address based on the weight range.

WeightPriceAdd-on for address pick upAdd-on for address delivery
up to 1 kg 2.55 BGN 1.20 BGN 3.60 BGN
up to 3 kg 3.05 BGN 1.20 BGN 3.60 BGN
up to 6 kg 4.05 BGN 3.60 BGN 6.00 BGN
up to 10 kg 5.05 BGN 3.60 BGN 6.00 BGN
up to 20 kg 9.05 BGN 8.40 BGN 8.40 BGN
up to 20 kg 10.86 BGN + 0.48 BGN for each additional kg 12.00 BGN 12.00 BGN

Final prices incl. all taxes and fees.

Delivery time - 24 hours.
Standard 24 hours is available for parcels up to 31.5 kg in 6 weight ranges.
Parcel's weight up to 20 kg is not charged by volume weight.

Promotional prices for shipment sent to Speedy Automat: -50%
Until 01.02.2019 all customers of Speedy who send a shipment to Automat can benefit from a 50% discount from the base price.

up to 1 kg 1.28 BGN
up to 3 kg 1.52 BGN
up to 6 kg 2.03 BGN
up to 10 kg 2.52 BGN
up to 20 kg 4.52 BGN

All shipments to Automats should be smaller than L (60 x 35 x 37 cm). More information you can see onhttps://www.speedy.bg/en/automats-information

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