New General Terms and Conditions for the contract of users of postal money transfers


Dear Customers,

With Decision No.220/30.06.2022 of CRC were approved new General Terms and Conditions for the contract of users of postal money transfers, provided by Speedy AD in accordance to individual license No. 3-013-001/16.07.2020.

All changes in the General Terms and Conditions, concerning the scope of the license, are required for a better synchronization of our services with European postal norms and procedures, as well as compliance with all requirements for postal and financial security of parcels.

The updated text of the General Terms and Conditions for Postal Money Transfers could be read at address:

We use the occasion to inform you that as of 01.08.2022, similar to the Fuel Surcharge, we introduce a dynamic update of Toll-tax Surcharge, which is defined and updated with every change in the scope and size of fees for the use of the road infrastructure, determined by the Ordinance on the conditions, order and rules for the construction and operation of a mixed system for charging the different categories of road vehicles based on time and on the basis of distance traveled. Toll-tax Surcharge is applied for parcels with domestic and international courier services (non-palletized and palletized) delivered to or sent from the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The current amount of the Toll-Tax Surcharge is announced monthly on the website of Speedy.

Best regards,
Speedy Team