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Pallet delivery to/from Bulgaria from/to Romania

Pallet delivery to/from Bulgaria from/to Romania. 
Pricing is based on the type of the pallet and destination.
Pay no more than it is worth. 

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Pricing is in BGN and based on the dimensions of the pallet (length of the base and height and the weight), number of pallets in a shipment, destination and type of transport. 

With every pallet shipment to Romania there must be an invoice accompanying it. The invoice must describe the content and its value. The invoice must be put on a visible spot on the pallet next to the waybill.

Delivery time: up to 3 working days. The terms of delivery are indicative.

Restrictions: The service is available for palletized parcels with maximum weight of 1000kg. and maximum height 180cm.

Packaging: The packaging of the pallet is a responsibility of the sender. The appropriate outer packaging and inner packaging are necessary  to ensure the safety of the pallet during transportation. Examples of inner packaging are fillers like styrofoam, bubble foil. When accepting a pallet in a warehouse/office and is determined that a pallet is not properly packaged Speedy has the right to reinforce the packaging. All additional packaging is paid by the customer.

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