Pallet 1 EU


Pricing is based on the type of the pallet and destination. Pay no more than it is worth.

Pallet 1 Collection Request order

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Pallet Type:
Euro Pallet 80 х 120cm
Industrial Pallet 100 х 120 cm
Maximum height – 200 cm

Pricing is based on the dimensions of the pallet (length of the base and height and the weight), number of pallets in a shipment, destination and type of transport.

The price of the service is calculated by Speedy based on the actual dimensions of the shipment, not based on the dimensions declared by the service requester in case any difference is established between the real measurements of the shipment and those declared by the sender/requester of the service during control measurement. If the load goes beyond the dimensions of the pallet, the maximum width and length of the shipment are taken into account, as well as the actual height.  In case of established differences with the request, the price is re-calculated and the difference in the price is charged to the payer of the service.  

The service is available for the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

Collection Requests: Necessary condition for the Collection Request service is the pallets to be ready to be shipped at the same day of the request.
The address of the sender would be visited by the courier during the standard working hours up to two days after we receive the request (no fixed time).
Necessary condition for the Collection Request service is to indicate a referent number and preferred time intervals for collection.
In case, the address of the sender is visited by our partner’s couriers and the pallet is not ready to be sent or the sender is not informed about the collection, a fee of 35 EUR is applicable.

For the delivery of pallet shipment to Amazon there is an additional fee of 25.00 EUR. For delivery reservation in Amazon the sender has to send the information below to email
- Supplier name
- Waybill number
- ASN or FBA number
- Number of pallets to be delivered
- Number of boxes in the shipment (not per pallet)
- Number of items (units) in the shipment (not per pallet)

For the delivery of pallet shipment to Amazon Italy with total weight exceeding 1500 kg, an extra charge of EUR 50 is applied.

The maximum allowed  high for pallets  to Amazon is 170 cm.

A mandatory condition is that the size of the pallet is 80 cm x 120 cm, which has a seal for a euro pallet.

Time for delivery: 11-15 working days.

Restrictions: The service is applicable for palletized shipments with maximum weight of 1200 kg and maximum height 200 cm. Additional fee might be applied for second-attempt delivery/pick up.

Packaging: The packaging of the pallet is a responsibility of the sender. Appropriate outer packaging, as well as, inner packaging like loose fill materials,Polyethylene Foam sheeting, bubble foil, depending on the shipment, are vital for the safe transportation of the goods. In case, the packaging is determined to be insufficient, not strong enough to prevent decomposition of the shipment or damage of the shipment itself or other shipments, Speedy will reinforce the packaging of the pallet/pallets with additional packaging (stretch foil). The cost of the additional packaging is to be paid by the payer of the courier service.

Additional Information and information about prices
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