Pallet 1 BG

Pallet 1 BG [412] [413] – Delivery of palletized parcels
within the territory of Bulgaria

Optimal and personalized prices depending on the type of pallet and the destination for transportation.
Pay no more than it is worth.

Pricing is based on the dimensions of the pallet (length of the base and height and the physical weight), number of pallets in a shipment, destination and type of transport.
In case differences are established against the weight and sizes declared by the shipper/pick-up request applicant at the time when control measurement is done, the price for accomplishing the service is calculated by Speedy according to the actual sizes and physical weight of the shipment and not according to the indicated/declared by the shipper/pick-up request applicant. If the goods come out of the pallet base, the maximum widths, lengths, and heights of the shipment are taken into account. If inaccuracies with pick-up request parameters are established, the service price is recalculated to the corresponding tariff-price and the price difference is at the expense of the service payer. 

Additional fees and/or pricing conditions may apply to the prices, depending on the individual parameters of the parcel or selected additional services. See Additional Services and Surcharges section in the Tariff of Speedy AD.

Calculate costs - you can calculate a shipping price by entering complete shipment details.

Full information about your shipment and to control its delivery: Smart Control.

Types of Pallets:
EURO PALLET: 80 сm Х 120 сm
INDUSTRIAL PALLET 100: 100 сm Х 120 сm
INDUSTRIAL PALLET 120: 120 сm Х 120 сm
IRREGULAR PALLET S1: 150 сm Х 120 сm
IRREGULAR PALLET S2: 175 сm Х 120 сm
IRREGULAR PALLET S3: 200 сm Х 120 сm

Delivery Times:
PALLET 1 BG PREMIUM [412] - 1 work day (for populated areas with a service schedule the time for delivery is extended to the day of the visit);
PALLET 1 BG ECONOMY [413] - 2 work days (for populated areas with a service schedule the time for delivery is extended to the day of the visit);

The service is available for palletized shipments with a maximum physical weight of 1200 kg and a maximum height of 200 cm. Shipments of different sizes or weights are accepted after confirmation of the request by the Operator.

Additional Packaging: When accepting a pallet in a warehouse/office and it is determined that a pallet is not properly packaged Speedy has the right to reinforce the packaging. All additional packaging is paid by the customer.

Service Price (BGN)

The prices include VAT and Toll-tax Surcharge.

The additional service Return of Pallet Base allows it to be returned wooden pallet bases with dimensions up to 120x120 cm back to Shipper. EPAL type base means euro pallet base (120x80 см), that meets the requirements of EPAL for dimensions, thickness, and marks/stamps.
The service should be requested prior to shipping your pallets under Pallet 1 BG Services.