Following the amendments and supplements in Postal Service Act, we are obliged to stop sending parcels with C.O.D. and international shipments from automats!


To send a parcel from a Speedy Automat you must have a prepared waybill. How is that done?

1. You must be a registered user in MySpeedy with correct data.

2. If you are a private individual, first, you must send your contact details to [email protected]. A necessary condition, is to send the information from the email you are registered with in My Speedy. The mail must contain three names and a contact number. The validation procedure is one-time. Expect a call from Speedy, within 24 hours (in working days), to confirm your validation.

  • Your parcel must be securely packaged and correspond to the requirements to be within 20 kg.
  • Parcels sent through an Automat after 18:00 in a workday or 14:00 in a half-work day or on a Sunday are serviced on the next workday! The delivery deadline is calculated based on the date when the parcel was serviced.
  • Declared Value is not applicable for parcels to Automats.
  • Open before Pay and Test before Pay are not applicable for parcels to Automats.
  • Payments in cash are not accepted.


Speedy аutomat, sending

Speedy аutomat, sending - step 1
1. Please choose a language.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 2
2. Click SEND.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 3
3. You can choose to either SCAN A BARCODE or ENTER PARCEL NUMBER.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 3a
3a. If you choose SCAN A BARCODE:
Scan the parcel on the scanner.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 3b
3b. If you choose ENTER A PARCEL NUMBER:
Enter the number of the waybill.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 00
If the parcel is not paid by the sender of this particular Automat please skip to step 6.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 4
4. If a payment is required an amount will be displayed at the screen.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 4a
4a. Insert the card fully in the gray slot under the main screen.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 4b
4b. For contactless payment lightly touch with your card the blue-glowing contactless terminal.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 5a
5a. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen of card terminal.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 5b
5b. If you see an error message, the payment is not proceeded. Please remove the card, insert it again and repeat the process.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 6
6. Click ОPEN, put your parcel in the compartment and then close it.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 7
7. If the parcel fits in the compartment close the compartment and click FINISH SENDING.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 8
8. If the parcel does not fit the compartment click OPEN A LARGER COMPARTMENT.
N.B. By opening a larger compartment the prices of the service will change.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 9
9. Take the bills from the fiscal printer if you have paid for the service.

Thank you!

Speedy Automat expects you again soon.

If there is a technical or shipping problem, please contact 0 7001 7001.

According to the latest changes in the Postal Services Act, we are obliged to stop sending parcels and international shipments by machine!