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To send a parcel from a Speedy Automat you must have a prepared waybill. How is that done?

1. You must be a registered user in MySpeedy with correct data.

2. If you are a private person or a company without contractual agreement with Speedy JSC you must visit an office of Speedy at least once in order to have your personal data verified (verification of name and personal identification number on your ID card).

  • Your parcel must be securely packaged and correspond to the requirements to be within 20 kg.

  • Parcels sent through an Automat after 18:00 in a workday or 14:00 in a half-work day are serviced on the next workday! The delivery deadline is calculated based on the date when the parcel was serviced. 


Speedy аutomat, sending

Speedy аutomat, sending - step 1
1. Please choose a language.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 2
2. Click SEND.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 3
3. You can choose to either SCAN A BARCODE or ENTER PARCEL NUMBER.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 3a
3a. If you choose SCAN A BARCODE:
Scan the parcel on the scanner.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 3b
3б. If you choose ENTER A PARCEL NUMBER:
Enter the number of the waybill.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 00
If the parcel is not paid by the sender of this particular Automat please skip to step 6.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 4
4. If a payment is required an amount will be displayed at the screen.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 4a
4a. Insert the card fully in the gray slot under the main screen.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 4b
4b. For contactless payment lightly touch with your card the blue-glowing contactless terminal.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 5a
5a. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen of card terminal.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 5b
5b. If you see an error message, the payment is not proceeded. Please remove the card, insert it again and repeat the process.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 6
6. Click ОPEN, put your parcel in the compartment and then close it.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 7
7. If the parcel fits in the compartment close the compartment and click FINISH SENDING.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 8
8. If the parcel does not fit the compartment click OPEN A LARGER COMPARTMENT.
N.B. By opening a larger compartment the prices of the service will change.
Speedy аutomat, sending - step 9
9. Take the bills from the fiscal printer if you have paid for the service.

Thank you!

Speedy Automat expects you again soon.


1. I am experiencing software difficulties which do not allow me to send the shipment?

  • If experiencing any difficulties sending a parcel please call 0 7001 7001

2. Can I send a shipment using the "Cash On Delivery" service?

  • Cash On Delivery can be used when sending the parcel to an office or address according to the parameters of the COD service.
  • If the parcel is sent from an Automat to another Automat the max value of the COD cannot exceed 2000 BGN.
  • You can not request additional options "Open Before Pay" and "Test Before Pay".

3. How do I get the "Cash On Delivery" amount when sending through an Automat?

  • If you are a legal entity or a company – the payment is done according to the terms of your contract with Speedy JSC.
  • If you are a private person/private client – the payment is done in the nearest Speedy оffice (see Automats (APS)).
  • For additional information please call: 0 7001 7001.

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