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Reliable packaging is an important condition that increases the security of the package during transportation. If you do not have any suitable packaging materials Speedy can offer you the following:

Packaging BGN
BOX 1/2XS(22/35/4.5cm) 0.66
BOX 1/4XS(22/17/4.5cm) 0.42
BOX 1/8XS(22/8/4.5cm) 0.30
BOX A4 0.40
BOX C5 0.30
CARTON BOX 1/2L(29/35/37cm) 1.98
CARTON BOX 1/2M(29/35/19cm) 1.38
CARTON BOX 1/2S(29/35/11cm) 0.90
CARTON BOX DPD L(60/35/37cm) 2.70
CARTON BOX XS(44/35/4.5cm) 0.78
PLASTIC WRAP - 100M. 7.20
PLASTIC WRAP - 300M. 16.80

Speedy offers additional packaging materials.

The responsibility of the courier to package 2 pallets of the sender is included in the price of the Stretch foil.

Packing Methods

Failure to comply with the guidelines for acceptable packaging of shipments may lead to unwanted damages as the ones shown below.
Do not overlook the guidelines for shipment packaging and do not let this happen to your shipment.

18 useful tips for appropriate packaging

- Stickers "Fragile" and "Attention" are in no way substitutes of reliable inner and outer packaging. Their function is informative.
- Choose the appropriate size for outer packaging of your parcels. The parcels containing too much free space have a risk of items bumping into each other and damaging themselves while overloaded parcels can burst open due to the pressure created while handling them.
- Always use high quality materials for the packaging of your parcels. Consider the strength, softness and endurance of the packaging materials. 
- Choose boxes made from five-layered cardboard with high quality.
- Use packing filler, polyethylene foam, bubble foil, packets filled with air or shredded paper to prevent separate items from moving around in the parcel.
- Do not allow items in the parcel to move freely in the packaging. Fragile items must be individually wrapped with a few layers of soft inner packaging and separated from each other by filler materials.
- Use wide duct tape to wrap the outer container of the parcel.
- If you have at your disposal a packing machine use it to wrap the cardboard box(the outer packaging).
- Put the items for transportation in the middle of the cardboard box, while not touching its outer walls. After that fill the empty spaces between the items ensuring that they are not touching.
- Powders or liquids must be put in separate nylon containers. Finally they must be put in cardboard boxes and securely sealed.
- If sending gifts, do not count on the packaging of the retailer. Repackage them accordingly. A lot of items are sold in attractive packaging, inappropriate for transportation.
- Use triangular boxes when packaging bottles, cards, schematics or paintings.
- Protect your CDs, audio and video carriers with soft fabrics for isolation around each item.
- Always use cardboard separators in a parcel when sending flat and fragile materials. They will separate items, limit their contact with each other as well as with the outer walls of the parcel.
-It is possible to use an already used cardboard box. Just make sure it is in good condition and it is not deformed. Please remove all indications and stickers from it.
- Do not use irregular or damaged cardboard packaging.
- Do not use satchels or containers made of fabrics.
- Do not send dangerous or prohibited items, as you are legally responsible for them.

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