Voucher for return of a parcel

In response to the needs of our
customers and partners, we facilitate the process of returning parcels

The Speedy return voucher offers a simple and fast solution for the customers when they wish to return a product bought from an online store. The addressees have the opportunity to send the parcel back to the seller from the most convenient place under pre-determined conditions.

The service is very convenient for the online merchants also as they can easily control returns. They have the information which parcels have been delivered; they can determine the term in which the customers have the right to return the goods, as well as who is going to pay for the return. And last, but not least – which courier is going to deliver the returned goods.


What is a return voucher and how to use it?

The return voucher is a half-finished waybill which can be used in case the customer wants to return a product bought from an online merchant within a specified by the seller period of time. The voucher can go with the goods or only be created in advance without being sent together with the goods. Subsequently, it can be printed and provided to the customer if they have stated that they want to return the product.

For maximum convenience the voucher can be used for sending the parcel from address, office, or Automated Postal Station (Automat), regardless the place of delivery of the order. Thus, the customer can make a pick-up request at a convenient address even if the order was delivered to a Speedy office initially.

How to use a voucher for return of a parcel

From Speedy office
To visit a Speedy office and provide
the return voucher (printed on paper).

Address and working hours of each
Speedy office is available here

From Speedy Automat
(Automated Postal Station)
To visit a Speedy Automat and choose
the option “return” and follow
the instructions from the screen.

Address and working hours of each
Speedy Automat is available here

From address
To contact Speedy Call Center in
order to make a pick-up request,
and provide the number of the return voucher.

National contact phone: 0 7001 7001