Information Security Policy

The management of SPEEDY AD / SPEEDY TEHLAB EOOD, in the person of its Manager, officially announces an Information Security Policy to be announced, understood, applied and maintained by the company's personnel.

The policy supports the goals, context and strategic direction of our organization, and it is oriented towards satisfying the requirements and expectations of the customers, ensuring effective protection of all information in the company's work process, and ensuring fulfillment of the requirements for the services that we offer, by ensuring confidentiality, integrity, accessibility, and compliance with legal and applicable requirements.

In accordance with the policy thus stated, the information security objectives are:

  • Commitment to meet applicable information security requirements.
  • Analyzing and evaluating data and information to make reasoned decisions.
  • Guaranteeing maximum security of the information created and processed in the company's work process.
  • Guaranteeing the necessary level of continuity of business processes in order to ensure effective protection of information security.
  • Management and reduction of risks for the supported information assets, in accordance with an approved methodology.
  • Maintaining the degree of readiness of technical means and employees, ensuring business continuity.
  • Minimizing the risk of accidents.
  • Provision of resources to achieve the management objectives.

To implement the information security policy and objectives, as the Head of the company,


My personal commitment to providing the necessary financial and human resources to meet the applicable requirements, and to implement, maintain, and continuously improve the Information Security Management System, according to the requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2022.


Executive Director

Valeri Mektupchiyan


Approved on: 01.08.2023

Last updated 01/08/2023