List of Prohibited for Transportation Substances and Items

Certain items cannot be shipped, exported/imported due to regulatory, hazard, safety or other reasons.

1. The following substances and items are prohibited to be shipped internationally:

- Medicines;
- Vitamins;
- Disinfectants and hand gel sanitizers;
- Parcels containing food in any form are not accepted, such as dairy and meat products, canned food, eggs, etc., unless the food is properly packaged and long expiration term;
- Rose oil, lavender oil and other extracts of essential oils are forbidden to be shipped. It is allowed to ship rose water and other diluted products;
- (Bee) Honey;
- Brand name goods covered by trademarks more than one in a consignment;
- Leather, carpets, watches or other jewellery or leather goods valued at or above EUR 520 each item or more;
- Transportation of brand name goods without the permission of the trademark owner;
- Coins, banknotes, foreign money, securities (stocks and bonds), cash transfer orders, vouchers, entry tickets, phone cards or similar documents of value;
- Precious materials (platinum, gold, silver), processed or unprocessed precious stones, real pearls, unique jewellery, antiques, works of art or other items of value;
- Other items or substances listed in international contracts, as well as, items which import and distribution are forbidden in the country of destination;
- Religious materials of prohibited or unregistered sects or organizations ;
- Moveable cultural goods without license or certificate;
- Narcotics, drugs, psychotropic and poisonous substances;
- Doping substances, anabolic steroids and growth hormone;
- Weapons, imitation weapons (toys), ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnic articles and main components for weapons (barrel, shutter frame, barrel box, suppressor, drum, bolt lock or closed block);
- Substances classified as hazardous under ADR or other applicable agreements/ conventions;
- Perishable goods, live or dead animals, materials for medical or biological examinations, medical waste, human or animal remnants, body parts or organs, live plants;
- Temperature depended items or substances;
- Olive and sunflower oil must be transported with Speedy packaging for bottles;
- Liquor is prohibited. Up to one bottle containing alcohol is allowed. The bottle must be transported with Speedy packaging box for bottles;
- Bottled wine is allowed only in Speedy packaging boxes for one bottle. Every bottle is a separate shipment. It is not possible to join several boxes as one in order to travel as one shipment;
- Excise goods or tobacco waste/residue, which possession, import, transportation, supply and commercial sale are prohibited by the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouse Act;
- Bottled alcohol beverages with excise bands or labels, where nominal quantity in litre is pointed and is less or exceeds the capacity of the bottle;
- Bottled alcohol beverages without excise bands or labels, when such are mandatory or bands/labels are forged or counterfeited or expired;
- DUTY FREE labelled bottled alcoholic beverages;
- Tobacco products without excise bands or labels, when such is mandatory or bands/labels are forged or counterfeited or expired;
- Tobacco products in bulk or in separate pieces, more than 40 units of opened packages, except for manually rolled-on cigars;
- DUTY FREE labelled tobacco products;
- More than 40 pieces manually rolled cigarettes, pre-made of cigarette filtered tubes;
- Tobacco waste that is not a smoking tobacco (pipes or cigarettes);
- Used excise bands or labels, goods that were labelled according to a repealed model, after the date the new labelling model has been introduced;
- Shipments that consist of more than one package;
- Shipments in suitcases, bundle, or other of that kind are not eligible for transportation. The content of the shipment should be packed in a cardboard box in order to be accepted for transportation;
- Passports.

2. Prohibited items for specific countries:

- France – chocolate is prohibited;
- Switzerland – only shipments containing documents are accepted, and to Russia are allowed only if shipper and consignee are legal entities;
- Sweden – alcohol may only be addressed to a customs registered consignee who is licensed to receive liquor;
- Turkey – electronics, spare parts (any kind of spare parts), passport, identity cards even blanks (without filled-in data);
- the Netherlands transport, it is prohibited to send any documents with monetary value by road - checks, lottery tickets, etc., insurance policies, personal documents - passport, driver's license, birth certificate, etc.

3. Items prohibited for transportation with AIR EXPRESS –delivery by air:

- Perfumes, dry ice, acetone, dangerous goods – even in limited quantities;
- Batteries;
- Liquor/ Alcohol;
- Medicines, food supplements;
- Passports.

4. International shipments not accepted for transportation:

- Paid by the consignee or by a third party that does not have a contract with Speedy;
- Addressed to P.O. boxes;
- Without an email address or a local phone number of the consignee;
- Parcels with COD (except for service Speedy CEE Economy).

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