Postal Money Transfer



Deadline for Postal money transfer payout: on the workday following the day of receiving the postal money transfer from the sender. The deadline for payout is increased according to the visitation schedule for the given site to which the Postal Transfer is addressed, if applicable. 

Service parameters:
Postal money transfers are accepted from the sender in cash at an office of Speedy.
Postal money transfers are paid out to receivers without a contract with Speedy in cash at an office of Speedy selected by the sender or at the receiver’s address.

Service pricing:
The commission for accepting and delivering a Postal money transfer from an office to an office of Speedy – 1.2% of the amount of the postal transfer with a minimum of 1.80BGN.
Commission for Postal Money Transfer to consignee's address – 1.2% of the Postal Money Transfer amount, minimum 1.80BGN + 6.00BGN per visit to consignee's address.
The commission is to be paid by the sender of the Postal money transfer.