Frequently Asked Questions

How to find out when my parcel will be delivered?

When the sender submits a parcel to Speedy and the latter is processed, you will receive a message with a link (Smart Control) where you will find information about the parcel, including the delivery date. For delivery to an address, on the day of delivery you also get a 60-minute time slot for the courier visit.

You can track the location of your parcel at any time using the waybill number (tracking number) on our site.

If a Speedy waybill has been created, but the parcel has not yet been sent by the sender, then information about a delivery date cannot be provided to you.

What is the deadline to receive my package from a Speedy office before it returns to the sender?

The standard period for pick-up of a parcel, prepared for collection at a Speedy office, is 7 calendar days. If you do not collect the package within this time, it will be returned to the sender.
To check the exact storage period of your parcel, you can open the link in the delivery message (Smart Control), where you will find complete information about the parcel.

How do I check the working hours or the address of a Speedy office/locker?

Information on current working time and addresses of all Speedy offices and lockers is available at any time on the Speedy website, at this link:

If you are to receive a parcel from an office/locker, open the Smart Control link from the message, which contains the working hours of the specific office/locker.

What happens if the courier cannot contact the recipient by phone when delivering a package?

When visiting the delivery address, the courier calls the phone number of the recipient specified in the waybill. If he succeeds in contacting him, he coordinates whether the customer is at the address at the moment, whether a new delivery attempt should be made, or whether the parcel should be redirected to a Speedy office/locker. If the courier is unable to contact the recipient by phone, the parcel is routed to the nearest Speedy office. The recipient can subsequently request a second attempt for delivery to the address via Smart Control (link in the delivery message) or by phone:
- 1 7001 7001 – for subscribers of mobile operators;
- 0 7001 7001 – for subscribers of fixed networks.

Can I change the time slot for delivery to an address?

Predict is a preliminary free information about a 60-minute delivery interval of the visit to the address provided to the recipient in the link of the delivery message. Changing the time slot by recipient or sender is not possible.

If you are away from the address during the announced 60-minute slot, you have the option to redirect the parcel to a Speedy office/locker convenient for you or postpone the delivery for the next directly via the link in the message - Smart Control.

Can I redirect a parcel and receive it at another address?

Redirection is a change of the data about the recipient and delivery address previously specified by the sender. You can redirect your parcel quickly and easily to another address or Speedy office/locker convenient for you through Smart Control - the link contained in the delivery message.

Another way to redirect a parcel is by calling:
- 1 7001 7001 – for subscribers of mobile operators;
- 0 7001 7001 – for subscribers of fixed networks of mobile operators.

What is Smart Control?

Smart Control is a link you receive in the message sent by email, SMS or Viber when you expect a parcel. Through the Smart Control link, you have various options with which you can conveniently manage the delivery - redirecting to an office/locker; change of the delivery address; delay of delivery by up to 2 days.; The Smart Control link contains a lot of additional information - who is the sender; is there a cash on delivery amount you owe; who pays for the courier service; how you can pay for the courier service and/or Cash on Delivery - in cash or by card via POS terminal; period of storage of the parcel in an Speedy office; address and office working hours and much more.

For more information:

Is it possible for someone else to pick up my parcel from a Speedy office? How?

Yes, it is possible*. The person needs to provide the waybill number, the PIN code from the notification, and a document proving their identity.

*Applies to cases where there is no request from the sender for personal delivery to the recipient.

How can I send a parcel from an address?

It is necessary to make a collection request for a visit by a courier. This is possible through:
- The MySpeedy web module after you have prepared a waybill for the parcel in it. MySpeedy requires user registration;
- A phone call: 1 7001 7001 – for subscribers of mobile operators; *7001 – short number for a collection request (for all mobile operators); by phone 0 7001 7001 – for subscribers of fixed networks.

How can I send a parcel from Speedy Locker?

To send a parcel from Speedy Locker you need to be registered in MySpeedy and to create a waybill. If you are an individual your registration needs to be validated. In order to do so, send an email to [email protected] before you create a waybill. You may find more information here.

How can I receive a parcel from Speedy Locker?

To receive a parcel form Speedy Locker you need a PIN. The PIN would be mention in your message for delivery via SMS/Viber. You will have 3 days to collect your parcel from the locker, starting the day you receive your message. You may find more information here.

In what ways can I pay for the courier service? Can I pay by card when receiving a parcel at my address?

The courier service can be paid by the sender or recipient in cash upon submitting/delivery of the parcel.

In addition to cash, Speedy couriers also accept payments by bank card, which are made through a POS terminal.

The courier service for parcels sent from/to locker is always paid by bank card at the POS terminal of the locker.

Can I collect cash-on-delivery amount at an office other than the one from which I sent the parcel? Is cash on delivery paid-off on Saturdays?

For parcels sent from a Speedy office, Cash on Delivery amounts up to BGN 500 can be collected from any convenient Speedy office. They are paid off every working (banking) day - from Monday to Friday, and the recipient of the amount (the sender of the parcel) receives a notification from Speedy. On Saturdays and on non-banking days, which are business days for Speedy, Cash on Delivery amounts are not paid off.

Cash on Delivery amounts can also be paid to the sender's bank account. When preparing a waybill only through Speedy's online applications - MySpeedy or Speedy Market, the sender can write the bank account to which the cash on delivery amount will be transferred.

What is the deadline for collecting cash-on-delivery amount from a Speedy office?

The deadline for collecting Cash on Delivery amounts from a Speedy office is up to 30 days after the date on which the amount should have been collected. After this period, the amount is archived and in order to receive it, it is necessary to contact us in advance by stating a day on which you will visit a Speedy office to collect the money.

What is volumetric weight and how is the tariff weight of a parcel calculated?

Each parcel has a physical and volumetric weight. Physical weight is the weight of the parcel in kilograms.
Volumetric weight is calculated by the formula Width x Length x Height of the package in meters, multiplied by 200, i.e. 1 m³ = 200 kg.
Tariff weight is the weight at which the parcel is charged by Speedy and is determined by taking into account the greater of the physical and volumetric weight of the parcel.
Parcels with a physical weight of up to 20 kg with Standard 24 hours service are not charged by volumetric weight (1 m³=200 kg), unless the latter exceeds 50 kg. We recommend using the Speedy calculator to determine the price of the courier service or the Calculate a price button in MySpeedy.


  • A parcel with a physical weight of 15 kg and dimensions: 0.3x0.5x0.25 m has a volumetric weight of 7.5 kg (0.3x0.5x0.25x200=7.5). It will be charged according to its physical weight, because it is greater than the volumetric one.
  • A parcel with a physical weight of 15 kg and dimensions: 0.5x0.55x0.45 m has a volumetric weight of 24.75 kg (0.5x0.55x0.45x200=24.75). It will be charged according to its physical weight, because it does not exceed 20 kg.
  • A parcel with a physical weight of 15 kg and dimensions: 0.85x0.5x0.6 m has a volumetric weight of 51 kg. (0.85x0.5x0.6x200=51) and will be charged according to its volumetric weight, because it exceeds 50 kg.

Why is the price of the parcel different from what I expected?

Additional fees and/or price conditions may apply to the basic price of the courier service, depending on the exact parameters of the parcel (tariff weight, correct recipient address, collection from address, delivery to address) or additional services selected by the sender when sending the parcel. For example: Cash on Delivery, Declared Value, Delivery on Saturdays and others.

Full information and prices of these additional services are available on our website:

If, when measuring a parcel in our warehouse, a discrepancy between the declared tariff weight of the parcel and its actual tariff weight is found, the price of the courier service is automatically recalculated based on the actual measured tariff weight.

What is an additional service?

The additional service is an option to the main courier service. For example: Cash on Delivery, Declared Value, Saturday Delivery, Op/en/Test and others.
The additional service cannot be used independently and its price is always added to the price of the main courier service used or charged in a separate subsequent waybill (Return Receipt, Return Documents, Return of Pallet Base, Return Parcel). See section Additional Services and Surcharges in the Tariff of Speedy AD.

How can I file a report or a complaint?

At Speedy, we monitor the quality of the services we offer. If you want to file a report related to the performance of our services or a complaint, send us an electronic message to the email address: [email protected] or visit a Speedy office, where you can describe the case in handwriting. You can also send a written notice to Speedy's address.

Speedy investigates the case and within one month for domestic parcels and three months for international parcels, you will be notified in writing of the outcome of the investigation.

How do I receive an invoice for a courier service?

An invoice is issued at the time of payment for the service. You can request it from the courier serving you. Customers who have signed a contract with Speedy can access their invoices from Electronic invoices or receive them as a parcel.

Do parcels have to be packed in Speedy packaging?

It is not required, but it is recommended.
Reliable packaging of parcels is an important condition increasing their security during their transportation.
In cases where you use a Speedy envelope, its unique number will be written on the waybill with which the parcel travels.
More information and advice on packing parcels is available here:

How can I return a DHL parcel via Speedy?

Do you have a DHL parcel for return and a DHL return waybill number? Please check the waybill number on our site in the Track Shipment section.

In case there is information available on our site, you can visit any Speedy office and provide the DHL waybill number to return the parcel free of charge.

If no information is available in the Track Shipment section for the DHL return number you entered, it may be that at the time we have not yet been provided with information by DHL or Speedy is not the nominated courier for the return of your parcel.

If you do not have a DHL return waybill number, please contact the shipping company to have one sent to you.

For additional questions on the subject, you can write to us at: [email protected]