Frequently Asked Questions

What is an additional service and how do I use it?

Additional service is an option added towards the base courier service. It cannot be used separately. Its price is always added to the base price.

Can I redirect a parcel and receive it on an address different from the one previously stated?

Redirection is a process of changing the previously stated parameters. For redirection is needed the number of the parcel and a code used for redirection. The code is contained in a text message informing the receiver for the incoming parcel. It can be done personally through our web page or by calling 0 7001 7001. If applicable the price for redirection is paid by the person issuing it.

What are the deadlines for delivering packages?

Deadlines vary depending on the different services. All the services are described in the website. A change in the deadline may occur only if the populated area of the receiver ihas a scheduled delivery.

What happens when the courier cannot find the receiver on the stated address?

If the receiver is not present at the address at the time of delivery, the courier leaves a note with the time of delivery and number of the package. Then the courier calls the phone number stated in the package information. If successful an agreement is to be reached whether the courier must visit the address again or redirect the package to a new address. If unable to contact the receiver, the courier contacts the sender using the phone number stated in the package information as "Sender's Number" and a decision is reached whether the package is to be redirected, returned or delivered at another date. Another try for delivery is done only when аgreed with the receiver.

How can a client file a claim?

Clients can file a claim on 0 7001 7001 or in any of the offices of Speedy. The claim is only accepted on paper and with a claim number. Copies of the claims and the package number are given to the client, as well.
The claims are being considered according to the deadlines pointed in General Terms and Conditions of Speedy.

How can I get an invoice for a completed courier service?

An invoice is issued at the moment of payment for the service. Clients, with contracts can download their invoices online, at Speedy' site or receive them once a month by courier service.

How can you order a Courier Service?

You can order a Courier Service:
- By calling 0 7001 7001 – for stationary phones; 1 7001 7001 – for mobile operators; *7001 –a short number for ordering a Courier Service (for all mobile operators);
- Or by the Speedy website;

What payment methods do I have available?

The service can be paid for by the sender or receiver in cash, in an office of Speedy. If there is a contract between the parties the service can also be paid for using banks transactions.

How can I track the movement of my package?

Tracking of the package can be done using the package number. You can use Speedy' site for tracking a package.

Is it mandatory for parcels to be packaged using packaging provided by Speedy?

No, it is not mandatory, though highly advisable. Good packing is of utmost importance for increasing the security of your parcels during transportation. In cases when using an envelope of Speedy, its unique number will be added to the parcel's information.

What does 'Volume' and 'Calculated' weight mean?

The volume weight is calculated using the following formula: WIDTH x LENGTH x HEIGHT x 200 (in meters) therefore: 1cubic meter is equal to 200 kg.
Calculated weight is determined by using the higher value from the Volume weight and the Actual weight.