Holidays in May 2020 - working time


Dear Customers,

Having in mind the upcoming holidays in May, we would like to inform you that Speedy‘s working hours are as follows:

01.05.2020 (Friday) – Shorter-time working hours (Saturday working hours). Parcels collected on 01.05.2020, would be delivered on 04.05.2020 (Monday);

02.05.2020 (Saturday) – Non-working day;

03.05.2020 (Sunday) – Non-working day. Offices working during non-working days with customers with pre-made waybills shall accept parcels (Sunday working hours) -;


05.05.2020 (Tuesday) – Full working hours. Parcels collected on 05.05.2020, would be delivered on 07.05.2020 (Thursday);

06.05.2020 (Wednesday) – National holiday;


Speedy wishes you happy holidays!