IMPORTANT: Delivery terms for Black Friday and Christmas campaigns


Dear customers,


As you are aware, the days around the commercial campaigns Black Friday and the Christmas Holidays are a challenge for all courier companies in Europe because of the drastic increase in the volume of shipments for delivery in the last weeks of the year.

In order to ensure effective rhythm in servicing your shipments – in full transparency of the process and providing adequate information to the consignees – Speedy would carry on sending messages, containing link to our SmartControl, free of charge. In this link, you may find information about the exact date of delivery of every shipment.

In order – you and your customers – to be able to dispose of your time on the day of delivery, we would add to SmartControl information from Predict – exact period of 60 min. +/- 30 min, when the courier would visit the address of delivery.

For shipments to office or Speedy automats, we would send a message, free of charge, the moment the shipment is delivered to the office.

Accordingly, from 22.11.2019 to the end of the year, having in mind that certain delay for shipments with 24-hour terms of delivery is possible, the term of delivery is changed to 72 hours. Of course, we would continue trying to deliver all shipments as soon as possible! 

We would like to remind you that all shipments that are not delivered, are stored for up to 7 days from the day of delivery and all shipments refused by the consignee shall be returned promptly to the sender.

As always, we would inform you timely, for any changes or force majeure circumstances