Up-to-date information about the delivery of international parcels


Dear Customers,

In regards to the dynamic situation and restrictions in Europe due to the COVID-19, we remind you the following:

  1. There are restrictions for servicing and delivering parcels in several regions in Europe. This process is dynamic and is being monitored on a daily basis, together with our partners from DPD Group.
  2. Some regions or neighborhoods in big European cities are completely closed, others are with limited access and strictly defined access control.
  3. Be aware that there are additional restrictions in regards to securing safe work processes. There are strictly followed instructions introduced by each country such as full inspections of each heavy-load vehicle on each state boarder.
  4. All of this in combination with the quarantine measures of some regions in Europe, leads to delays in the  deliveries of international parcels or to unsuccessful deliveries followed by a return process.
  5. Last but not least, please be aware of the fact that by the judgment of the delivery depot, it is possible that a parcel can demolished due to available factors concerning the presence of COVID-19.

 We use the case to inform you that some PUDO locations in Romania are closed for customers. It has all been updated in our systems.

 We would like to apologies for the situation and the inconveniences it may causes and we thank you for your understanding.


Speedy Team