Delivery terms extension for international parcels


Dear customers,


We would like to inform you that some of the international shipments sent on 20.11, 21.11 and 22.11 will experience a delay of up to 3 days, due to a breakdown a key facility in one of the big sortation hubs in Germany. The impacted parcels are appearing in the tracking with last scan in Budapest, Hungary, performed in the period between 22.11 and 25.11.

The facility is now fixed and working on maximum capacity in order to process all of the backlog parcels. If you need further assistance on the matter, you can turn to our international department at e-mail: [email protected] .

In regards to the “Black Friday” and “Christmas” campaigns in the courier industry, please be aware that the delivery terms could be extended up to 72h from the officially stated terms. We assure you that Speedy JSC as well as the DPD Group including all of our partners in Europe are working intensively and doing what is needed to keep the good delivery quality in Bulgaria and Europe throughout the whole peak season.


Kind Regards,

Speedy team