Price Conditions Update 01.04.2022


Dear Customers,

Speedy always strives to provide and maintain high quality of the services at a fair and affordable price, which is visible in our pricing policy in the recent years. The low prices of our services are maintained thanks to a number of automated solutions and optimizations, as well as through our logistics network with over 570 points, which you value and use!

In conditions of unprecedented inflation, we aim to keep the most affordable prices possible, but in the current situation we are forced to update our tariff.

As of 01.04.2022 the tariff of Speedy JSC for acceptance, processing and delivery of parcels on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria shall be updated for the basic and some of the additional services by 3.8%. Again, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that such an update is the lowest possible for the normal service of parcels and smooth functioning of our entire logistics network.

Additional services such as “Cash on Delivery”, “Declared Value”, “Open or Test”, “Heavy Parcel”, “Saturday Delivery” shall remain unchanged.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our prices between offices/automats of Speedy remain the lowest on the market even after the update!

Best Regards,
Speedy Team