Price Conditions Update 01.09.2019


Dear Customers, 

Hereby, we inform you that as of 01.09.2019 Speedy AD will partially update the tariff for providing services within the scope of the non-universal postal service. 

The feedback we collect from our customers every day has shown that there is a demand to expand the lowest weight category in Standard 24 h Service. In order to meet our customers' expectations, we decided to reduce the price of parcels up to 3 kg and to merge the price category for parcels up to 1 kg with the price of 3 kg. The remaining weight ranges and prices remain unaffected.

All parcels up to 3 kg will have one equal price of BGN 3.35 with all due taxes included. 

Effective 01.09.2019, all other main and additional services will be updated by + 3.85%, reflecting the inflation in the transport and services sector, which statistics report between 4% and 4.4%. 

Charges for Cash on Delivery, Declared Value, Open/Test before Payment, Heavy Package and Saturday Delivery will remain unchanged so you can freely and conveniently add them for your shipments.


Speedy Team