Increase in the number of shipments delivered to home addresses


Dear Customers,


As you have noticed, the State of Emergency in the country has led to increase in the number of shipments delivered to home addresses. As a result of commercial activities of the online business, as well as due to the yet increasing number of online purchases, in the last weeks we have accounted overloads and delays in delivery of shipments to door, to home addresses. The volumes especially in Sofia exceed the number of shipments delivered to door even in the last year Black Friday campaign!

Recognizing our responsibility towards you and your business, we recommend as a priority all parcel-service shipments to be addressed to Speedy office for self-collection, so that we would be able to guarantee the 24-hour cycle of delivery. We would like to inform you that we undertook all the necessary measures to ensure that all Speedy offices are safe and secure for all customers and employees! The combination of low cost, our Automats, and Speedy offices is the best solution to send parcels to at the moment.

Regarding parcel deliveries to home addresses – we do our utmost for dynamical capacity expansion and on time delivery. Unfortunately, we are reporting delays due to the overloads in some courier areas. Yu can rest assured that we shall continue to invest in addressing this challenge, while in the meantime we are urging you on using our office network of over 470 offices and automats and guaranteed 24 hours delivery.

Two “short” weeks and Easter Holidays are coming, during which Speedy will mobilize its entire logistics structure, and we expect understanding, flexibility in planning, and partnership from your side.

Please note that Speedy automat network guarantees contactless delivery, card payment and a 3-day period for shipment collection. As the commercial and Christmas campaigns in 2019 showed, Automats are the most appropriate tool for safe and inexpensive delivery.

We remain responsible for our partnership and assure you that you can count on our honest approach and commitment!


Best regards,