Holidays in Europe - January 2020


Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you about holiday days in Europe countries in December 2019:

01.01.2020, Wednesday - non-working day in Germany, Greece, Finland, France, Denmark, Netherlands,Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, North Macedonia;
02.01.2020, Thursday - non-working day in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania;
06.01.2020, Monday - non - working day in Austria, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Sweden, Cyprus, different parts of Germany, North Macedonia;
07.01.2020, Tuesday - non-working day in Serbia, Ukraine, North Macedonia;
24.01.2020, Friday - non-working day in Romania

The delivery time to/from thеse destinations will be extended as a result of those non-working days.

For additional information please call 0 7001 7001 or e-mail us at [email protected].

Speedy Team