A misleading email on behalf of SPEEDY AD


Dear Customers,

We have received reports from users of Bulgarian e-mails that a spam letter is being distributed on behalf of SPEEDY AD. It promises rewards for users by opening and saving an attachment. The email is titled “Известие за пристигане на пратка [ID]##Запазете номера на билета си“ (Notification of arrival of shipment [ID] ## Save your ticket number) and is emailed from [email protected].

In connection with the above, we would like to formally notify and warn you:

1. SPEEDY AD or employees of the company did not send such a letter. SPEEDY does not send such letters to its customers.

2. The letter in question is false and malicious. Content is a virus - a typical example of a phishing attack. The official information for the sender of the letter ("Email Headers") is that it comes from a mail server on mail.bg We advise you not to open it!

3. For your convenience, here's what else you might know to identify fake letters on behalf of SPEEDY. The speedy.com domain is not owned by SPEEDY, and all SPEEDY email addresses have the @speedy.bg extension.

4. All SPEEDY campaigns are announced on the company's official website www.speedy.bg

The letter is an abuse of the name of Speedy AD and the trust we have built with our customers over the years.

We have alerted the relevant public services to this case.

Your security is important to us too!

Speedy Team