Misleading messages on behalf of Speedy


Dear Customers,


We have received signals from online users that on behalf of Speedy, via unofficial and illegitimate domains, are offered services with advance online payment.


In relation to the above, we would like to officially notify and warn you:

  • We do not perform services with advance online payment and company employees have not sent messages with content on the subject. We remind you that the only official website of Speedy is https://www.speedy.bg. We advise you to beware of fake domains that are not related to Speedy AD;
  • All payments within the territory of Bulgaria for services provided by Speedy AD, different from cash payments when using particular services, are made only to a bank account of Speedy AD. Advance payments for single parcels are not accepted.

The campaign mentioned above is a misuse of the name of Speedy, as well as the trust we have built with our customers over the years. We have informed the corresponding State services about the case.

Your security is important to us!


Speedy Team