“Under 3 BNG up to 3 kg” - extension of the promotion for delivery from Speedy office/automat to automat


Dear Customers,

Over the past year we observed a significant growth of the parcels in the network of automats, which reached a new peak in the recent months. In response of this trend and the increased interest of end customers and e-Commerce Sellers, we will continue to maintain affordable price for delivery – under BGN 3 for parcels up to 3 kg, sent from Speedy office or automat to automat, by prolonging the promotion until 01.09.2023.


up to 3 kg = BGN 2.47 VAT included, without surcharges (Fuel and Toll-tax)

*The Promo-Price shall be valid until 01.09.2023 for parcels sent from Speedy office or automat to automat.


Speedy automats are a symbol of security, practicality, and convenience, provide the options for fast self-service, saving time; easy payment via bank card and extended working time even on Sundays!

Addresses and working hours of all nearly 100 Speedy automats may be found here: https://www.speedy.bg/en/automats-information

Best regards,
Speedy Team