Expected delays in the period for picking up and delivering shipments in the territory of Attica, Greece


Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that due to the ongoing fires in the regions of Attica and Thrace, difficulties are expected in the processing and delivery of shipments in the concerned areas.

Areas affected so far are Alexandroupolis and its surroundings, Komotini and its surroundings, Menidi (mainly Agios Ioannis Rossos, Agia Paraskevi Menidi, Amygdalesa, Platonas), Ano Liosia (Genimata, Kanala, Panorama), Fili and Hassia.

Shipments that cannot be processed and delivered will be scanned with a force majeure code.

We will inform you in a timely manner if there are any changes in the situation.

Speedy's Team