Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is one of Speedy's main goals, embedded in its corporate value system. This in turn helps us form strategies for long-term social, ecological and economic development which directly benefits our clients and employees by providing products and services with attention to the environment and available resources. More on our "Green Mission" you can find on

  • Electro mobiles with no harmful emissions

    Speedy believes that the future of transporting people and freight is electro mobiles because of the low cost and the benefit of clean environment. Buying 18 Renault Kangoo Z.E. electro mobiles in the end of 2013 made Speedy one of the first companies in Europe that made such an important investment. During 2014 Speedy’s electro mobiles made a modest contribution to improving the environment in the city by saving 11.5 tons of bad emissions. In 2014 the company became a member of the Green Circle of Manager Magazine, whose aim is to unite socially responsible companies in the field of environmental protection.

  • Bio-degradeable packaging

    The packaging Speedy is offering is made of Epi Global’s polydergalax, which is substance that is added to the plastic in order to make it digest faster. During the production process no harmful or toxic substances were used. Our envelopes could be recycled or used multiple times. The material is digested in a very short period which is shorter than the normal time of digesting a plastic bag. Using this material we are keeping the quality and security of our clients’ shipments and at the same time we are reducing the pollution. Having in mind the constant growth of our business taking this step would make Speedy more environmental-friendly.

  • Recycling Paper and the Paperless Solution

    Since the summer of 2014 the company’s bulletin Speedy Press is being printed on 100% recycled paper, CYCLUSPRINT. The bulletin is issued every month and gives information to our clients and employees about the new events, services and projects concerning the business environment. In the departments, where our employees work with huge amounts of documentation printed on paper, we have developed a solution of managing the working process using electronic materials rather than printing them on paper. This significantly decreased the usage of printing materials. In the beginning of the year Speedy developed where all the eco and social campaigns of the company are put together. This portal gives the users valuable advice on how to live healthy and environmental-friendly lifestyle.

  • Speedy is Looking for Talent

    One of the main goals of the company, regarding human resources, is finding, attracting and keeping young talents, who are willing and motivated to pursue their career development in Bulgaria. Our campaign Speedy is Looking for Talent, which we have organized for 3 consecutive years, offers the chosen candidates professional training, career developments, good starting salary, mentor who will advise them, individual plan for career development, and a permanent contract of employment. This project combines some of the best world practices used in human resources development. The acquisition of real life experience, training, and mentorship are the basis for finding and developing young talents.

  • Human Resource Development

    Speedy invests in the development of its employees. Some of the tools we use are evaluations after the initial trial period, annual evaluation of performance, trainings and seminars and constantly urging employees to improve professionally. As a responsible employer, a top priority of Speedy is the health and safety of its employees. In 2014 Speedy completed the project Improving the working conditions and safety in Speedy which amounted to 170 000 BGN. The project's goal was to improve the work environment of the employees by providing specialized work equipment and personal protection means as well as automated cleaning equipment.

  • Social responsibility and Sports

    During the last years Speedy has actively financially sponsored a youth initiative in sports: The finals of the school games in athletics (amounting up to 10 000 BGN), organized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Youth and Sports in cooperation with the Bulgarian Association "Sports for students". Also Speedy sponsored sports club "Saturn"-Plovdiv at the first European tournament in Djiu-Djitsu as well as the Christmas games in volleyball for girls under 13 years of age in Plovdiv. The efforts of the company in this field were awarded at the Annual Responsible Business Awards in 2014 organized by Bulgarian Forum of Business Leaders. Speedy was nominated for "Investor in Human Capital" and was also awarded third place in "Investor in Education" for its campaign "Speedy - Investor in Young Talents".

  • Social Responsibility and support - Science and Education

    In the field of science Speedy has supported a team in the "Business Logistics" in the University of National and World Economy led by professor Miroslava Rakovska Ph.D. The university project themed "Modern aspects in the development of the logistics sector in Bulgaria" was financed by "RA of UNWE" and co-financed by Speedy. For several consecutive years Speedy has financially supported(10 000 BGN) the National Team in Mathematics for Girls. Now a tradition, Speedy participates in "Let us bring Knowledge" an initiative dating since 2005. This year along with Geopost in honor of 24th of May - the Day of Bulgarian Literacy Speedy donated French and Bulgarian books to schools in Bulgaria and France.

  • Charity

    In 2013 Speedy took part in the charity "In Support of the Butterfly Children", an initiative to help SOS Children's Villages and the national fund "Saint Nikola". The campaign ensures financial support for the Spring Cleaning of Sofia organized by Sofia municipality. Speedy has provided transportation of supplies to the people in distress in Varna, Dobrich, Vratsa and Mizia. Speedy also delivered calendars for the Association of Parents of Children with Dоwn Syndrome in Bulgaria. Also Speedy sponsored the theatrical play by Elin Rahnev "Lady-Killers".