Open or Test (before COD payment)


Dear Customers,

As advised by the health authorities in Romania, and in order to be more efficient in complying with the social distance requirements, we shall suspend our Open before Pay and Test before Pay services.

Having that in mind, we cannot offer them together with the Empress Balkans service to Romania!

Making use of the experience of our colleagues in Romania, Speedy advices:

1.     To reduce the time spent in Speedy’s offices by the clients, as well as the time spent on an address by the couriers. As a measure for our mutual safety, we appeal to limit the offering of the two services (Open before Pay and Test before Pay) for consignees in Bulgaria.

2.     For the convenience of all consignees, and in order to provide them the opportunity to open and test the content of the parcel plus for the sender to control efficiently the process, we have created the service Voucher for Return.

The service Voucher for Return, allows the sender to specify the term (number/up to how many days), the consignee shall be able to return the goods. The sender may also determine with which service to return the parcel and the side that pays for the return.

Via MySpeedy, you can create Voucher for Return fast and easy.  You may activate it for a single parcel or for every parcel that you are sending. After the pre-determined term is over, the voucher is no longer valid and the consignee cannot return the parcel using it.

We strongly recommend using the service Voucher for Return. We created it for the convenience of all e-shops and their clients. In regard to the current complex situation, only this service may contribute to increasing the safety of both clients and SPEEDY employees!

Thank you for your understanding!

Speedy Team