Misleading e-mail on behalf of Speedy AD


Dear Customers,

We have received a signal from Bulgarian email users that a spam letter is being spread from the name of Speedy JSC.
The subject of the letter is “Notification for Arriving Parcel” and is sent from the address [email protected]. The file attached to the letter contains malware

Relating the above mention information we would like to officially notify and warn you:
Speedy JSC or employees of Speedy JSC did not sent such letter. The letter in question is false and malicious. The phone of the company was changed, as well as the email of the fake Speedy employee.


The content is a virus and we strongly recommend not to open it!

The links for tracking a shipment that we provide lead to SmartControl, with address www.spd.bg/.... or to our official website www.speedy.bg.

This letter misuses the name of Speedy JSC and our Security and IT department are working on the case. We have informed the corresponding State services.

Your security is first for us!

Best regards,