Delivery of International Parcels


Dear customers,

Regarding the dynamic situation and development of the measures against COVID-19, many businesses in Europe reorganize their activities. The number of countries which are closing schools and public service points is increasing. In some European countries, an emergency has been confirmed.
In this respect, please, before sending an international parcel destined to any European country, make sure that the address of the recipient is accessible and there is a person who can accept the parcel. This applies mainly for parcels sent to business addresses.
Currently, the highest number of closed businesses from the private sector is in Italy. Please be informed that if the recipient business is closed, the parcel will be returned immediately back to the sender without having the option for storage in a Pick-Up point or Depot.

Regarding pallet shipments to Europe, accepted will be only pallets with contents of food, beverages and goods of first necessity.

Currently all the transport corridors in Europe are opened for the heavy-weight vehicles and all the parcels are reaching their final destinations. We follow closely the situation and will keep you informed when there is an important information regarding the international parcels.


Speedy Team