Bansko under Quarantine Information


Dear colleagues and customers,


We would like to inform you that because of the quarantine in Bansko from tomorrow – 19.03.2020, we needed to arrange the following special regime of work:


  1. Our office 34, located at Tsar Simeon 80B str. (across the phone manufacturing facility) would work with standard working hours, strictly following all measures ordered by the Minister of Health.
  2. Shipments to/from Bansko would be served only from/to office 34, until the regime is relived.
  3. Understanding the importance of our role in lives of the people, our clients and their employees, we are doing everything possible to remain at our working places in conditions of restrictions and quarantine.


We remind you that the use of personal protective equipment like gloves and masks when serving customers is mandatory! Let us continue being careful and take care of our health!


Let us, with our behavior, safeguard the possibility to live full and normal lives – and after the emergency, when we would have to protect our incomes.   

Speedy Team