Extended working time 2023/2024 to Pick-Up Parcels



Dear Customers,


For your convenience and due to the expected increase of parcels during the sales campaigns and upcoming holidays, we extend the working time to COLLECT your parcels of more than 260 Speedy Offices during the periods:

13.11.2023 – 22.12.2023

28.12.2023 – 29.12.2023

02.01.2024 – 05.01.2024

Please note that over 200 Speedy offices are going to work with extended working time to collect your shipments on SATURDAYS as well.

List of offices with extended working hours during the above-mentioned periods: Offices working time - Christmas campaign 2023 | Speedy

To receive your parcels faster you can use one of the nearly 100 Speedy lockers set in convenient locations with permanently extended working hours.

List of all Speedy Automats: https://www.speedy.bg/en/automats-information


Speedy wishes you Happy Holidays!