Speedy CEE Economy

Speedy CEE Economy [202] - Road delivery of non-palletized parcels from/to door or Speedy office to/from Central and Eastern Europe

Promo rates for parcels up to 3 kg to Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Poland!
1 kg = EUR 4, and 3 kg = EUR 5.
The prices include fuel surcharge, toll-tax surcharge, and VAT.

The promo rates will be in effect by 31.12.2024.
Further discounts are not applicable on the promo-rates.

Tariff weight (kg) ZONE ROMANIA
price (BGN)
price (BGN)
price (BGN)
price (BGN)
price (BGN)
price (BGN)
up to 1 kg 8.72 10.64 28.16 14.62 7.82 14.62 7.82 14.62 7.82
up to 2 kg 9.43 12.17 31.73 16.04 9.78 16.04 9.78 16.04 9.78
up to 3 kg 10.13 12.17 35.28 17.45 9.78 17.45 9.78 17.45 9.78
up to 4 kg 18.08 18.08 39.22 38.28 53.21 75.60
up to 5 kg 18.08 18.08 42.77 38.28 53.21 75.60
up to 7 kg 22.54 22.54 - 45.73 63.14 84.31
up to 10 kg 27.72 27.72 - 45.73 63.14 84.31
up to 20 kg 35.89 35.89 - 45.73 63.14 87.80
above 20 kg 35.89 + 1.80 per kilogram above 20 35.89 + 1.80 per kilogram above 20 - 45.73 up to 31.5 kg

63.14 up to 31.5 kg

87.80 up to 31.5 kg

The prices include VAT and fuel surcharge.
Additional fees and/or pricing conditions may apply to the prices, depending on the individual parameters of the parcel or selected additional services. See Additional Services and Surcharges section in the Tariff of Speedy AD.

Calculate costs - you can calculate a shipping price by entering complete shipment details.

Full information about your shipment and to control its delivery: Smart Control.

Orders for picking up parcels from Central and Eastern Europe can be generated in MySpeedy: https://myspeedy.speedy.bg/

The service is always paid for in Bulgaria in BGN by the requester of the service or the recipient of the shipment in Bulgaria upon delivery. For customers with an individual contract - according to the terms provided therein.

Acceptance of the parcels is not an agreement with the export/transit/import documents provided by the user in the countries along the route of the respective goods. The sender as well as the recipient are obliged to ensure the relevant documents, registrations and the implementation of any other legally defined procedures required by the border and customs authorities in the countries.

All shipments refused by the consignee shall be returned to the sender on the day of the refusal at sender’s expense.

Delivery to/sending from Speedy office:

The service is valid for sending parcels from/to Speedy office in Bulgaria and such addressed to office/locker in Romania, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Delivery time:
 2-5 working days. The delivery time does not include the day of collection, weekends and public holidays. For some remote areas and islands, the delivery time might be extended up to 8 working days.
Delivery time to Cyprus is up to 10 working days without collection day, weekends and public holidays.
All terms of delivery are indicative.


  • Romania – multiple-packaged shipments of up to 10 packages per shipment with a maximum tariff weight per package of up to 31.5 kg
    Greece - single package up to 50 kg
    Cyprus – singe package up to 5 kg
    Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland – single package up to 31.5 kg
  • Maximum length (largest package size) is up to 175 cm
  • For shipments with tariff weight more than 3 kg to Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland maximum dimensions in cm are: the sum of the length+ the doubled sum of the height and width must not exceed 300 cm
  • The heavier between volume and physical weight of the parcel is charged (1 m³=200 kg)


- Additional discount of 5% is applied for shipments sent from a Speedy offices/lockers in Bulgaria to Romania, Greece and Cyprus.

- Additional discount of 5% is applied as well if the parcels are shipped to DPD offices/lockers in Romania.

The complete list of offices in Romania, their addresses and opening hours are available at the following link: office contact details - DPD Romania office contact details

The complete list of lockers in Romania, their addresses and opening hours are available at the following link: DPD Collect Lockers Address - DPD Romania

The complete list of offices and lockers in Greece, their addresses and opening hours are available at the following link: Offices map


Collection requests:
Collection requests for shipments from Eastern and Central Europe to Bulgaria under Speedy CEE Economy are accepted and processed up to 15:00 Monday to Friday.
Collection requests received after 15:00 are considered as received on the following workday and are processed then. The address of the sender is
visited during regular working hours up to two days after the processing of the request (without fixed hour) and shipments are accepted only if the
sender has prepared the shipments for pickup and there are no differences between the requested number and the real number of shipments.
Please keep in mind that for collection requests to pick up shipments from Eastern and Central Europe to Bulgaria, it is necessary to specify the sender's local phone number and email address.

Packaging: The sender is responsible for the packaging of the parcel.Reliable and appropriate packaging is vital for the secure transportation of the parcel. General terms and conditions for packaging.

Additional Information:
- 0 7001 8001 (for stationary phones) and 1 7001 8001 (for mobile operators);
[email protected]