DPD Economy Pick-up

DPD Economy Pick-up [306] - Door-to-door road delivery of non-palletized parcels
from Bulgaria to Europe

Low-cost and secure service guaranteed by DPD - one of the best developed networks
for road deliveries in Europe.

DPD ECONOMY PICK-UP - Door to door:
weight (kg) PROMO ZONE 2
price (BGN)
price (BGN)
price (BGN)
price (BGN)
price (BGN)
up to 0.5 kg 37.62 51.92 70.00 67.35 100.07
up to 5 kg 37.62 51.92 73.34 67.35 103.38
up to 10 kg 44.76 61.42 81.68 79.25 113.42
up to 31.5 kg 44.76 61.42 85.02 79.25 118.43
up to 40 kg 103.00 119.66 143.26 137.48 176.68

The prices include VAT and fuel surcharge.
Additional fees and/or pricing conditions may apply to the prices, depending on the individual parameters of the parcel or selected additional services. See Additional Services and Surcharges section in the Tariff of Speedy AD.

Calculate costs - you can calculate a shipping price by entering complete shipment details.

The sender is always the payer of the service or the same is paid by a third party with contractual relations, when this is expressly agreed.

The following postal codes do not apply with DPD ECONOMY PICK-UP - Door to door:

Country Postal codes
DENMARK 3900-3999
FINLAND 22100, 22101, 22120, 22130, 22131, 22140, 22150, 22151, 22160, 22220, 22240, 22260, 22270, 22271, 22310, 22320, 22330, 22340, 22410, 22411, 22430, 22520, 22530, 22540, 22550, 22610, 22630, 22710, 22720, 22730, 22810, 22820, 22830, 22840, 22910, 22920, 22930, 22940, 22950, 22999
FRANCE 00001-00030, 00100-00151, 00153-00299, 00361-00429, 00500-00699, 00750-00999, 96000-97999, 97100-97499, 98100-98999
ITALY 47031, 47890-47899
SPAIN 35000-35999, 38000-38999, 51000-52999

Zones and delivery terms:

ZONE 3 Delivery time*
DENMARK 4-5 days
POLAND 3-4 days
SLOVENIA 3-4 days

ZONE 4 Delivery time*
ESTONIA 5-6 days
FINLAND 5-7 days
LATVIA 4-5 days
LITHUANIA 4-5 days
PORTUGAL 5-7 days
SWEDEN 5-6 days

PROMO ZONE 2 Delivery time*
AUSTRIA 3-4 days
GERMANY 3-4 days
HUNGARY 2-3 days

PROMO ZONE 3 Delivery time*
BELGIUM 4-5 days
FRANCE 4-5 days
ITALY 4-5 days

PROMO ZONE 4 Delivery time*
SPAIN 5-6 days

*Delivery time: The terms for delivery shown below are in working days and are indicative (the usual transit time to major cities in shown countries).

Requirements for successful delivery:

After an unsuccessful delivery attempt at the address of the consignee, the parcel might be handed to a local postal station or office (Parcel Shop) of the local courier.

For shipments, addressed to islands and remote places, eligible for customs’ processing, with incomplete or non-existent address, or without contact information for the sender/receiver, as well as for door-to-door shipments, the estimated delivery time can be extended with 1 work day.

The phone number and the correct e-mail address of the receiver have to be mandatory provided due to the Predict additional service (notification in advance for time window delivery). 

For deliveries to campuses / universities in Germany, in addition to the name, telephone number, email and address, the building / block number and the recipient's room number must be indicated.

For deliveries to business buildings in Germany, it is mandatory to indicate the bell number in addition to the name, telephone number, e-mail and address of the recipient.

All shipments refused by the consignee shall be returned to the sender on the day of the refusal at sender’s expense.

Island and Remote Areas Surcharge: For delivery to some islands and remote areas (see the list with post codes) additional fee of 36 BGN is added (including VAT).

The following islands have a statute of autonomous provinces and we only offer delivery by our AIR EXPRESS  (Zone 4)  service: Canary Islands (Tenerife, Fuerteventura, La Palma), the autonomous cities Ceuta and Melilla 

For the German city Büsingen am Hochrhein, located in Switzerland, customs documentation is needed.

When sending shipments to CAMPIONE D'ITALIA CO (postal code 22061), Italy, the shipment must be accompanied by an invoice and a customs declaration.

For shipments in Switzerland, only documentary shipments with Air Express service are permitted.

For Sweden and Finland, all parcels destined to private addresses will be redirected to the nearest Pick-up point.

Restrictions: A shipment could contain one package with maximum weight of 40 kg. Minimum dimensions of: 22.9 cm x 16.2 cm, Maximum dimensions (the maximum size of the package) up to 175 cm. Maximum dimensions in cm: the sum of the length+ the doubled sum of the height and width must not exceed 300 cm.

List of items prohibited for transportation

Parcels accepted by courier for transportation, independently they are still in Bulgaria or out of the territory of  Bulgaria, can not be rerouted or returned back to the sender.

Discounts: Additional discount of 5% of the price for shipments delivered to Speedy's office in Bulgaria and plus 5% additional discount for shipments sent on request by DPD offices throughout Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal and Italy.

Packaging: The packaging of the shipment is a responsibility of the sender. Appropriate packaging is a guarantee for the security of the parcel. General terms and conditions for packaging 

Bottled wine can only be accepted for transportation in Speedy packaging for 1bottle or 3 bottles and they must be travelling as a separate single parcel.

Shipments containing documents must be placed in a cardboard envelope. Separate parcels joined by duct tape are not accepted. They must be placed in a larger, solid container.

Declared value: The service is offered for international shipments with weight up to 32 kg with maximum value of the pallet shipment of up to 3000 BGN. The price of the service includes insurance of up to 100 BGN, including VAT (responsibility of Speedy). Declared Value service is applicable at the following conditions: https://www.speedy.bg/en/declared-value

Additional Information
- 0 7001 8001 (for stationary phones) and 1 7001 8001 (for mobile operators);
[email protected]