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Delivering palletized parcels to Greece

Delivering palletized parcels to Greece.

Pallets to Greece
weight (kg.) For Thessaloniki Greece
to 200 kg. 119.88 485.44
to 500 kg. 146.52 568.32
to 1000 kg. 173.16 663.05
to 1600 kg. price negotiable price negotiable

The prices include VAT and fuel surcharge.
Parameters: it is necessary for the parcel to be palletized. The price is valid for one pallet with measurements 120 cm x 80 cm, height 180 cm.

Delivery time: up to 3 working days for Thessaloniki, for the rest of Greece - up to 4 working days. All terms of delivery are indicative.

It is possible to use the additional service Declared Value for shipments with maximum value of up to 10000 BGN. With every pallet shipment there must be CMR, packing list and invoice, accompanying it.

Additional Information, including information about prices for parcels weighing above 1 600 kg.
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