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Премини към главното съдържание

Express Balkans

Delivery from/to Bulgaria to/from Romania and from Bulgaria to Greece.

Express Balkans COLLECTION REQUEST order

weight (kg.) BGN
documents to 0.5 kg. 8.05
to 1 kg. 8.05
to 3 kg. 9.31
to 5 kg. 14.28
to 7 kg. 18.00
to 10 kg. 22.33
to 20 kg. 29.16
for each additional kg 29.16 + 0.83 per kilogram above 20.000

The prices include VAT and fuel surcharge.

Delivery time:  2 - 4 working days. For some remote areas and islands in Greece, the delivery time might be extended to 5 working days.
All terms of delivery are indicative.

Parameters: available for multiple-packaged shipments with maximum weight of one package 50 kg . Maximum length (length of one of the sides of the package) up to 175 cm. Additional discount of 5% if the parcels are delivered to or received from Speedy office in Bulgaria.

Additional discount of 5% is applied as well if the parcels are shipped to DPD offices/lockers in Romania for self-collection by recipients. The complete list of offices and lockers, their addresses and opening hours are available at https://www.dpdcollect.ro/officesmap/

Collection requests for shipments from Romania to Bulgaria under Express Balkans are accepted and processed up to 16:00h Monday to Friday.
Collection requests received after 16:00h are considered as received on the following workday and are processed then. The address of the sender is
visited during regular working hours up to two days after the processing of the request (without fixed hour) and shipments are accepted only if the
sender has prepared the shipments for pickup and there are no differences between the requested number and the real number of shipments.

Packaging: The sender is responsible for the packaging of the parcel.Reliable and appropriate packaging is vital for the secure transportation of the parcel. General terms and conditions for packaging

Additional Information:
- 0 7001 8001 (for stationary phones) and 1 7001 8001 (for mobile operators);

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